Research Services Ltd recently had a fantastic opportunity of performing background research on Nominees for the Wellington Region Business Hall of Fame 2015.  We discovered amazing businesses.   The highlight was having the opportunity to speak to the Directors/CEO’s of these businesses and organisations that have quietly carried on with their business and achieved fantastic results.  Especially family owned businesses, some with 4th generations operating at the helm.   

Reasons why they believe their business is still successful:

  1. Looking ahead for potential risks
  2. Using technology to solve problems
  3. Diversification/ flexibility
  4. Willingness to change and adapt to customer’s needs
  5. Being involved in the complete supply chain from sourcing the material, manufacturing to selling the end product.
  6. Sticking to their core business
  7. Being innovative and enjoying what they do
  8. Building strong relationships with suppliers and customers
  9. Being an international company having some accreditation helps i.e. ISO
  10. Having a balance of NZ and international customers if you sell nationally and globally.

How they started was generally by observing a need for a particular product or service and recognising they had the skills to produce that product or service.  Sometimes learning as they went along.  Often the business model from when the business was founded to now has changed, especially for businesses older than 50 years.

The pride these Directors/CEO’s have really shone through when speaking to them.  However, they all admitted it’s not an easy road.  To maintain a good balance in your business you are always working at it and developing.

The eight inductees were:

  • Wellington Zoo Trust, Wellington City
  • J & D McLennan Ltd, Lower Hutt
  • CentrePort, Wellington City
  • Rembrandt, Lower Hutt
  • Acma Industries Ltd, Upper Hutt
  • Griffiths Drilling (NZ) Ltd, Porirua
  • J.H. Whittaker & Sons Ltd, Porirua
  • Bruce Buchanan Ltd, Wairarapa


If you currently own a successful business, what do you feel has been the key to your success?

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