5 business dilemmas we have recently solved with simple but powerful research to either

  • Assess market opportunities
  • Build better relationships
  • Create wealth potential

Online real-time software company: Which industries/businesses in Australia need our services?

After performing:

  • Background research of specific legislations in different regions in Australia.
  • Researching and contacting a variety of businesses in different regions and specialist consultants.

It highlighted the specific industries our client should target and the next steps to take to market to them.

Government Ministry:  How well is our Activity Based Working model performing?

Evaluation of our research (staff interviews, online survey and occupancy study) showed:

  • What improvements were needed.
  • Opportunities going forward.
  • How staff feel about this model and is it working for them.


Computer training company:  How effective is our training? Is it relevant for our customers now and in the future?

Feedback from 150 customers highlighted:

  • 91% felt the content of the course was relevant to their current needs.
  • 62% preferred face to face learning and 27% preferred a combination of face to face and online learning.
  • For the duration of the course 58% preferred a full day and 32% preferred a ½ day.
  • A variety of new technology courses requested for the future.
  • Challenges customers felt could benefit with training.


Wellington Business Hall of Fame awards:  What nominees fit the Judges criteria?

Research of nominees highlighted unbiased positive and negative information. A Bio of each nominee was compiled and presented to the judges, who selected 8 nominees for these awards.


Suppliers to Orthopaedic Surgeons:  Do they need our service?  How and where do we market to them?  

After talking to Orthopaedic Surgeons, their feedback has enabled our client to take their new service to the next level of market validation.


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