Fast track you to success with greater confidence and insight.

Research Services have helped many businesses, organisations and their clients that might want:

To generate more revenue,

To improve performance,

To explore a new product or service,

Assistance with business developments and projects

To retain staff/volunteers/members

Research Services Process:

Our process starts with listening, which immediately takes a weight off our client, as we lead them through a simple process

This process helps us to clearly ascertain what key information they are looking for and why?


What improvements and developments do we need to make?

Research Services surveyed a global technology, manufacturing company’s customers in NZ and Australia. This survey showed they needed to improve the quality and timeline of products coming from China.

Since then, the company has made progress with the quality of products coming out of China. Also, they have improved ratings with their customers from just surveying them for their feedback.

Research and evaluation to ensure services are relevant for today’s market

Youthline Wellington needed Research and Evaluation of their organisation to better understand its market and stakeholders to increase its effectiveness and efficiencies.

Six months research using a variety of activities (focus groups, workshops, interviews and online surveys) provided valuable insights to ensure they stay relevant for their target market and stakeholders.

Plus, they utilised the information immediately in their marketing.

What makes an excellent workplace environment?

Our client wanted to know as an employer, were they offering an excellent workplace environment for their hairdressers? What would entice hairdressers to work in their salon?

Research Services surveyed employees of Hair Salons around Wellington.

Actual consequence of the survey:

Employees from a hair salon where the owner wasn’t a hair dresser by trade, were very unhappy when we contacted them. They felt they weren’t listened to and little training was provided. The focus was on profits. Since the survey, the owner has listened and acted on their feedback and the staff are a lot happier.

New Business idea – Market Validation

Market research was required for a new business idea in the Massage Therapy industry. They needed to know:

  • If there was a need for their special services?
  • Who their competitors were?

Research Services Ltd surveyed by phone their potential market and obtained details of their competitors and the services they offered.

This research enabled them to make an informed decision to go ahead with the business venture.

Market research for Chinese company wanting to export to NZ

Chinese company looking at exporting transport tie downs into NZ.

Needed good information about who manufactures tie downs, and who imports them and what industries to target for marketing.

“My expectations were exceeded both in terms of efficiency and analysis. Invest in Research Services – it will pay dividends short, medium and long term. “

Wayde Beckman,

Wade Beckman Design CKDNZ


Hello everyone

I’m Karline de Boer, welcome to our Website where I show you all the cool things we have done for other businesses and organisations AND give you a glimpse into what we can do for you.

First a little bit about me. I launched Research Services Ltd in 2009, as a New Zealand owned and operated specialist company.

I saw a need in the market for a research specialist to not only research online, but also talk and really listen to people and experts to uncover decisive insights … something I have a passion for.

Right from the word “go”, Research Services has been referred to by many as a cross between “a human Google and Sherlock Holmes”.

When I dug a little deeper into the reason why (being the research guru I am) our tenacity, can do attitude and flexibility is what stood out for most of our clients.

With over 30+ years in business I have definitely developed a can do attitude which has seen Research Services extend into a wide range of industries.

Personally, it has also helped me to recognise and develop an even wider range of super powers and also work with Associates on research projects to provide supporting expertise when required.

New business ideas are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming!

You may find yourself asking:

  • Is it a great idea?
  • Will it be viable?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I obtain the information I need?

Download Our FREE "Business Ideas" E-book will help you find the answers to these questions, and save yourself a lot of time and money!