Youthline Wellington is a not for profit organisation who provide safe, youth- centred support services for young people. The mainstay of the organisation is the youth helpline, a confidential phone/text/email and webchat counselling service for young people. Youthline Wellington also provides youth development training, information and resources, education and training for schools, volunteers, and the wider community.

Youthline has 9 branches throughout NZ including Wellington. Youthline Wellington operates with over 100 volunteers and 2 paid staff members.
National Youthline data indicates a strong need for Youthline services. However, Youthline Wellington has limited research and evaluative data to demonstrate the impact, relevance or efficiency of their services in Wellington. This data is important to improve Youthline Wellington services for young people and obtain funding.


Youthline Wellington wants to better understand its market and stakeholders to increase its effectiveness and efficiencies. In particular:

Therefore, the main purpose of this research and evaluation is to really understand from a young person’s perspective, their connection and relevancy to Youthline Wellington. In addition to that we wanted to check from stakeholders (funders, referrers, supporters and other organisations that support young people) how they viewed Youthline Wellington and why they fund, refer or support Youthline. The evaluation objectives are as follows:


Evaluation Objectives

  • Show Youthline Wellington Operations (numbers & interactions)
  • Determine Gaps, Impact on Users if no Youthline
  • Assess Perceived Relevancy/Impact
  • Gauge What’s Working/What’s not
  • Identity other services Stakeholders think Youthline Wellington should provide


The research was mainly conducted from an outside in perspective. With Youthline Wellington’s key stakeholders being young people, plus supporters, referrers, funders. The additional stakeholders included in this evaluation were Youthline Wellington volunteers and Group Supervisors.

We undertook a mixed method approach to evaluate Youthline Wellington, with a mainly qualitative approach to enable deeper insights to emerge. Activities included:


Summary of recommendations from Young people, Stakeholders and Volunteers.

There are several positive points surrounding Youthline to remember when going forward:

  • It plays an essential role in improving mental health among youth
  • Youthline has an extremely positive heritage and legacy
  • Its brand is still the most trusted, familiar and recognised.
  • With increase in mental health demands and a decrease in available counsellors, organisations and schools are relying on the support from Youthline more and more. Ie. Stop gap for clients until they can see someone. School counsellors referring students to Youthline outside of school hours.

However, to continue to be at the forefront of people’s minds some key considerations are apparent:

  • Primary consideration: To increase relevance, presence and reassurance among youth.
    • Update website to attract target market
    • Share more about Youthline ie. Data, tell stories
    • Change message “Youthline helps you with any problem big or small”
  • Secondary consideration: To increase available funds, shift funds from elsewhere, or to develop stronger partnerships with other counselling brands so resources can be shared.


Simply by conducting this research Youthline Wellington has made headway in making a difference to some young people’s lives [who participated] as well as raising its profile among the wider community.



Hutt Chamber of Commerce

Background Research and biographies of nominees – Business Awards 2015, 2016, 2017
• Requirement: Independent research for business awards and biographies of nominees for Wellington Region Business Hall of Fame.
• Results: The work has always been delivered on time to a high standard and saved the Hutt Chamber of Commerce a lot time. Enabled the judges to drill down into the nominees and make informed decisions. In 2017 the Judges found it a lot quicker to make their decisions.
• Reference: Promising what you can deliver and delivering on those promises makes a company competitive and successful. Research Services Limited is an asset to the business community in which it serves. Karline de Boer is a great team player who is honest, selfless and always gives 100% someone who we would highly recommend and endorse to any prospective and future clients she may seek out to work with across the business community.
Mark Futter, Chief Executive, Hutt Chamber of Commerce.


Unichem Clives Chemist

Customer and public feedback – Retailer
• Requirement: Independent research for a retailer as to why their foot traffic is declining? Is there anything they can do? Is it enough what they do?
• Results: “This research cemented what we are already doing and gave us some areas of the business that we can improve on to enhance our customers’ experience.”
• Reference: We were totally happy with Karline’s approach and professionalism. She was very easy to work with.
Clive Cannon, Unichem Clives Chemist.


PeoplePower Training Academy

NZ market analysis – Chinese company
• Requirement: A company in China looking at exporting their products into NZ and needed to know who is currently selling them in NZ. Who purchases these products? Also who is manufacturing them in NZ or importing into NZ?
• Results: Good information about who manufactures tie downs, who imports them and what industries to target for, for marketing.
• Reference: Karline’s research was thorough and comprehensive, plus she delivers on time. I would happily recommend Research Services Ltd to my colleagues and friends.
Michael Anderson, Peoplepower Training Academy


PeoplePower Training Academy

Customer Feedback – Consultant
• Requirement: Independent unbiased research to obtain for us honest customer feedback and testimonials following training, coaching and public speaking engagements.
• Results: Her personable manner put clients at ease and had them express themselves freely whilst answering questions. This information enabled us to develop our services further, plus it adds to our portfolio of testimonials.
• Reference: Karline has become an invaluable resource to Peoplepower – I have had feedback from those she has spoken to that she makes the whole process easy and, by simply answering questions, they save a whole lot of time trying themselves to put together a testimonial.
Anna Anderson, Director, Peoplepower Training Academy

Wayde Beckman Design CKDNZ

Product Research – Construction/Design industry
• Requirement: Having very limited time to conduct product research I decided to engage Research Services to complete an important project that I had been procrastinating with for several months.
• Results: As a consequence I am better informed and have been able to provide my clients with a far wider range of solutions to meet their needs and solve their problems.
• Reference: My expectations were exceeded both in terms of efficiency and analysis. Invest in Research Services – it will pay dividends short, medium and long-term.
Wayde Beckman, Wayde Beckman Design CKDNZ

Petone Frameworks

Supplier information – Retail
• Requirement: Find a supplier who could perform a specific style of restoration work for a client who did not have the time to do the research. While we wanted to provide this service to our client, his requirements were out of our expertise area hence we apprehensively approached Karline for assistance.
• Results: Karline found out who could perform the desired restoration services in the targeted countries (Australia, New Zealand and USA) as well as alternatives. She recommended a particular Sydney supplier who the client agreed to go with and has subsequently built a trusted on-going relationship with.
• Reference: Karline very quickly got to grips with the subject and the problem and clearly understood the urgency involved. Our client was impressed and I would not hesitate to work through a similar process again with Karline over any issue to provide information and assist in recommending the most appropriate course of action required in tight timeframes.
Glenn Stewart, Petone Frameworks


Purple Consulting Ltd

Competitor Search – Consultant
• Requirement: To obtain information about my competitors. In particular, what services they offered, did they operate nationwide, what organisations they belonged to.
• Results: Relevant, precise information, to assist me in the future, to make an informed decision about my business. I trusted your research – something that is really important. Your integrity is without question.
• Reference: At first I thought I could easily find the information myself. But after meeting with Karline this perception changed, and I realised that she went further than just compiling a report using Google and that there was actually a lot to the research process. Karline’s integrity and the robustness of her methodology is without question. Karline offers the kind of services that Deloittes offer to the larger corporates, but with the personal touch, and you don’t have to follow a multitude of tender process documents or contractual procedures to engage.
Helen Parkes, Purple Consulting Ltd

Green Clean & Restoration Services

Contact Details – Trades
• Requirement: An up-to-date list of specific names and contact details in certain sectors within the Wellington region to expand our business into.
• Results: Ten contacts with Police, from which three new contracts were signed up. A list of 115 property managers provided. They have contacted 20 of these property managers and have obtained contracts with 10 of them. The research findings are formatted so they can be reused with other marketing projects.
• Reference: I was amazed how quickly Karline found the information. Also the contacts she gave me were precisely the people I needed to speak to. Using Research Services to find the contacts I needed was definitely a stress free solution. Karline is very thorough with her searching, she will dig for precisely the information I need.
Hayden Manson, Green Clean & Restoration Services

Health Alternatives

New Business Idea
• Requirement: Market research of the health and fitness industry to provide relevant data to enable me to decide, prior to launching my new product, where I should position my product offering in that market.
• Results: The paperwork prior to commencing the research was very clear as to how the research would be performed and what information could be obtained. The information obtained showed me that no one was doing what I was doing, I had a point of difference. I was able to decide where to position my product offering.
• Reference: Research Services was the only one that could help me obtain the information and doing the
research first made it definitely worthwhile. I will definitely recommend Research Services to everyone in business as their services are exactly what you need to save you time and money.
Kris Appleby, Health Alternatives

Road & Traffic Division, Hutt City Council

Product Information – City Council
• Requirement: Research a range of non-slip products required for high traffic walking surfaces and provide product information, specs and comments or recommendations from current users.
• Results: We were able to utilise one of the products researched.
• Reference: I was impressed with the speed of the research carried out and the options you were able to present to us in the time frame required. This enabled us to make an informed choice over the best product required for our project and we now have a resource we can refer to at a future time if required.
John Middleton, Maintenance Contracts Manager, Road & Traffic Division, Hutt City Council



Business Background Research
• Requirement: To move forward with an important business project I required an independent person to carry out research on an overseas company.
• Results: The final report was exactly what I required and helped me move forward on an important project to move my business forward.
• Reference: Karline carried out my requirements to a very high and professional standard. She kept me in touch with developments communicating with me throughout the process. Karline offers an exceptional service and I can confidently recommend her and know she can assist many independent business owners like me. I look forward to doing business with Karline in the future.
Rachel Marks, Director, Fitness Trans4mations

Web Genius

Competitor comparative product analysis – Web Developer
• Requirement: Web Genius contracted Research Services to undertake some research regarding the Google rankings achieved by Web Genius websites, when compared with those achieved by non-Web Genius websites.
• Results: Karline quickly understood the brief, provided clear and very reasonable costings, then completed the work professionally right on the budget and timeline agreed.
• Reference: The project went incredibly smoothly and Karline was a pleasure to deal with at every step. I would highly recommend Research Services to assist with your business research requirements.
Richard Calkin, Web Genius

Hutt Chamber of Commerce

Evidential Analysis – Chamber of Commerce
• Requirement: Credible, independent research required in a short period of time and confidentially, to back up a position being taken in an issue affecting the city council.
• Results: Thorough information, reporting and follow up provided with specific items directly distributed to city councillors on affecting issue.
• Reference: Totally confident for future references.
David Kiddey, Chief Exec, Hutt Chamber of Commerce


Endeavour Financial Services Ltd

Business Development
• Requirement: Initial research required into a new industry, to assist in evaluating the viability of an off road tourist venture.
• Results: Vast range of information researched around Council and DOC regulations, price, health
and safety. Meeting set up with DOC ranger. From the information obtained, Grant was able to make an informed decision not to proceed with this business idea.
• Reference: Karline was great to deal with. She focused on the area I specifically needed to be researched and made the whole process a very quick and simple one. It was an idea I had had for years and had not had the time to research in depth before I could make an informed decision. I would be happy to use her services again and to recommend her to others that need any topic researched.
Grant Uridge, Endeavour Financial Services Ltd