After two days of exploring and researching the exhibits at the Fielday, these five amazing inventions caught my eye:

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB.

Did you know a cow has to move 25,000 litres of blood through its udder in order to produce 50 litres of milk.  As the DeLaval brush rolls over the cow it increases the blood flow which in turn stimulates the milk flow and hence increases the volume of milk per cow.   Who would have thought of this … amazing.  The brush is assembled when they exit the milking shed, it’s like a little treat.


  • More milk, better cow health
  • Grooms cows all over
  • Swings up, over and along the cow
  • Keeps cows calm and clean 

Mobile Honey Harvester

Harvest and sell your honey the easy way with our award winning technology for Beginner BeeKeepers, Hobbiests and Commercial Bee Keepers.

Benefit to the beekeeper is they don’t have to transport all their hives to the extractor plant.  Saving the beekeeper a lot of time and transport costs.

Expandable Temporary Barrier Fencing – the ‘Click’

The Click is used to control livestock or as a human barrier in a wide range of applications.  It can expand to great lengths and is highly visible, allowing you to quickly and easily section of a race on a farm, block off an entrance to a commercial building temporarily with the least amount of effort.

Benefit to farm workers or visitors its very visible, easy to carry and quick to assemble.  Plus it saves lives (no more single wire barriers).


Chicken Pet feeder that saves you money and hassles with other animals pinching the food.

Benefits are:

  • Prevent birds and rodents eating the food,
  • animals can be left for a few days before you have to top up the feeder.
  • Food is protected from the weather


BOT Aerial Robotics in Agriculture

Aeronavics Ltd is a manufacturer of advanced multi-rotor airframes, RTF craft and related accessories.  Used for aerial photography, film making, professional cinematography and farming ie.

  • Locating lost or stressed animals
  • Inspecting fences, gates, water systems
  • Assess weather damage

Benefits to farmer are obviously saving time and vehicle costs.  Also reducing accident risk, loss of livestock and being able to respond immediately as needed.

Could it fly-in scones and tea to farm workers 10kms away???

The majority of these inventions were created from seeing a problem that needs solving, or thinking there must be a better way of improving the way we do things.
I wonder what solutions/new inventions you can think of if you took a moment to observe your business or home environment!

I would love to hear about them …. Of course I would sign a privacy agreement beforehand J