The power of following up!

I love following up with my existing and potential clients. 

It’s always great to hear from my existing clients how the research I provided them has benefited their project or developments and what other projects they are thinking of.

With potential clients I always listen for opportunities where I can help them whether it be by providing research services or connecting them with others who can help them. 

Here’s a few I’ve managed to help over the last couple of weeks:

  • A network colleague recently resigned from her job …. helped her by contacting my networks in HR and highlighting her expertise. Some got on board immediately with looking at who they could connect with to pass on her details.    So far, she has received 2 job invitations from these networks.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of personal hygiene products – Their biggest issue is finance for R&D. They approached the 2 main R&D Government organisations and were told their product isn’t innovative enough and therefore they won’t be funding them.  Even though their current clients are demanding the new product plus they will be exporting it.  So, I’ll be reaching out into my network events as to what other funding is available for them.   Plus approaching a contact of mine regarding their product.  
  • Manufacturer of heating elements. Offering powerful customer insight survey to really hone into where they need to improve and strengthen relationships with their customers.   They were keen to know more and for me to discuss with their new Sales Manager.
  • Automotive industry: Early last year, this client wanted me to obtain information conspicuously re a new idea they had.  However, I couldn’t help them for a few weeks, and they couldn’t wait.  So, I gave them crucial advice on how to go about obtaining the research they needed ….be upfront and honest with the party they wanted to talk to.  If you do this, you will find people are more willing to:
    • Listen and Help you
    • Give you the information you need.

Results:   Over 4 days of jumping on planes and talking to the relevant person, they obtained all the relevant information and stats they needed.  From this, they decided to go to the next stage.  Unfortunately, they hit a brick wall with an organisation blocking them.  If only this organisation could have seen the bigger picture and collaborated.  There would have been win:win situation all around. 

Again, just by following up and enquiring if my advice helped to obtain the information they needed and if they’ve gone ahead with their idea has strengthened our relationship.

So even though you don’t get a sale, always see how else you can help them ……. your relationship will be stronger, and you will stay at the forefront of their mind.

How have you found following up with clients?