How many times have you thought of a new business idea but put it off because:

  • You were too busy
  • The idea was too overwhelming
  • You couldn’t be bothered trying to locate the information
  • You just lacked enthusiasm to take that first step?

Well… you are in luck if you live in the Wellington, New Zealand region.


The Lower Hutt Library is running a series of Lunch & Learn business workshops, After these workshops I will be running a Research Clinic available for budding entrepreneurs, start-ups, or existing businesses and organisations of any size. It’s a chance to talk (one on one) through your information needs with me and get clear about the next steps. I also give you ideas on how you could find the information or if you don’t have the time, Research Services Ltd can do that for you.

Research Services Ltd specialise in finding the information to all your business research needs:

Is your product/service idea viable?
Who’s the competition?
Where’s the market?
What do I need to do to export it?

For more information on the Workshops or Research Clinic, visit