Are you thinking about:

  • Targeting a new market?
  • Introducing a new product or service?
  • Improving a product or service?
  • What your clients really really want?

How are you going to obtain the information you need to make an informed decision?

3 Steps to help you:

What do you know?

  • List the information you have.

What don’t you know?

  • List the information you need that you don’t have.

When do you need it? Think about:

  • How to obtain the information you need?
  • What value would this information add to your business?
  • Do you have the time and knowledge to obtain this information, or do you need to outsource it?

Research Services Ltd will ensure you make the best informed decision by researching and collating relevant, unbiased information e.g.:

A Beekeeper wanted to expand their personal honey production into a viable export business and needed to know about the latest guidelines, regulations and forms to use for producing, transporting, processing, and exporting honey. By searching various websites and talking to the relevant experts, we obtained the precise information they needed to proceed with their business.
An HR Consultant needed to work on their business development in particular they needed to know:
Are they on the right track with their delivery model?

Should they hire a specialist in another area?

Research Services performed Client Satisfaction phone surveys to 30 of their clients. We analysed and summarised this feedback which showed their delivery model was accurate. Also their clients did want them to offer another service.

Get the ball rolling TODAY for your business developments in 2015!

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