Wow … what a great insight into a new way of increasing my sales and learning how to improve my money mindset and business processes.

Recently I attended a fantastic workshop “Money Mindset and Sales Mastery Workshop” with Trish Love and Craig Carr  The 5 standouts for me:

  1. How to build instant rapport with any customer, inside of 7 seconds.
  2. 80% of retail customers have already researched online the product before entering the store.
  3. 86% of what is taught re traditional sales systems doesn’t transfer to the workplace …. Ie. It’s not used or, if it is you don’t see any results.
  4. 5 financial actions for your business or life:
    • Live within your means
    • Start saving regularly … ie. Save $5/day by not buying coffee every day
    • Make a habit of giving (time or money)
    • Use a CFO
    • Planning or budget
  5. If you are scared of going BIG because you don’t currently have resources to cope …. start planning! Think about:
    • What would you need if you increased your production 5 times?  
    • How do we go about implementing this?
    • Where would we look?
    • How much would it cost?
    • When do we need this?
    • Who could help us? EASY ANSWER …. Research Services to research information!

Step by step …. You are working towards making confident informed decisions.

It’s important to set aside time for personal and business development.  

Never stop learning! 

Turn your learning into Action ……………… See Results!