Not For Profit

Build better relationships and processes with decisive insights

As a Not for Profit organisation you perform your work with few resources and tight budgets. 

Therefore it is imperative when you outsource researching information for a project, that you select a research business that will deliver on their promise and is affordable. 

Stakeholder Engagement Surveys

  • Stakeholders in NZ or overseas
  • Design up to 10 questions
  • Contact stakeholder by phone, discuss questions and obtain feedback
  • Format feedback into Excel or word document
  • Analyse 
  • Summarise feedback findings

Note:  Extra services to add on at additional costs:

1. Facilitator to help you and your volunteers/staff to brainstorm the way forward for your organisation.
2. Contacting stakeholders face to face to discuss questions.
3. Contacting more stakeholders.

    Staff/Volunteer/Members Survey

    • Staff/volunteers/members in NZ or overseas
    • Design up to 10 questions relevant to your needs
    • Contact staff/volunteers/members by phone, discuss questions and obtain feedback
    • Input their feedback into Excel or word
    • Analyse
    • Summarise feedback findings


    1. Anonymous feedback.
    2. Extra services to add on at additional costs:
      1. Facilitator to help you brainstorm the way forward for your organisation
      2. Contacting customer face to face to discuss questions.
      3. Contacting more staff/volunteers/members.

    Market Validation

    Market validation of new products or services.


    • Define target market based on discussions with you
    • Research target market and list 20 to contact.
    • Design introduction paragraph
    • Design up to 5 survey questions.
    • Contact target market by phone.
    • Input their feedback into excel or word
    • Analyse their feedback.
    • Summarise feedback findings

      Organisation Projects

      Organisational projects Research Services assist with vary greatly, therefore each project will be scoped and priced accordingly.

      For example:

      • Background and market research for projects, proposals
      • Research and evaluation of organisation for specific purpose, or problem
      • Background research for business awards

        If you want aligned, targeted insights contact Research Services to take you one step closer to what you want to achieve.

        Client Praise

        Research Services is a company that clearly understands how to conduct applied research, even with Not-for-profits, and works with you to understand what you want to know, and the possible ways of getting that information. 

        They carried out the research with thorough consultation with us, and it was very clear that our thoughts and voice were valued.

        The research highlighted a few areas/issues in public perception, especially amongst young people. These insights into how young people view us will allow us to cater more to their needs, as well as inform how we market ourselves to the wider community.

        Nicholas Davies

        Co-chair Person, Youthline Wellington

        The Hutt Chamber of Commerce needed an independent researcher to research nominees of business awards and provide their biographies for the judges.  The judges found this process a lot quicker to make their decisions. 

        Promising what you can deliver and delivering on those promises makes a company competitive and successful. Research Services Limited is an asset to the business community in which it serves. Karline de Boer is a great team player who is honest, selfless and always gives 100% someone who we would highly recommend and endorse to any prospective and future clients she may seek out to work with across the business community.

        Mark Futter

        Chief Executive, Hutt Chamber of Commerce

        Why Choose Research Services?

        Research in stages depending on your needs.

        Credible independent research.

        Your details are strictly confidential thereby ensuring your name will be completely anonymous when we perform the research.

        Continue working on your core business or personal life while we perform the research.

        We provide you with decisive insights to take action.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can you find the information I need?

        After discussing with you your requirements we then perform a Scope of Works. This enables us to ascertain what resources are available and how accessible is the information you require.

        How much do you charge?

        Due to the research variety and skills needed for each research project, we first discuss with you your research brief, scope and then provide you with a price.

        Do you search in New Zealand and overseas?


        Q: How long will the research take?

        Every research project varies, the time will depend on:

        • how accessible the information is?
        • how deep you want the topic researched
        • who is involved
        • research methods.

        New business ideas are exciting, but they can also be overwhelming!

        You may find yourself asking:

        • Is it a great idea?
        • Will it be viable?
        • Where do I start?
        • How do I obtain the information I need?

        Download Our FREE “Business Ideas” E-book will help you find the answers to these questions, and save yourself a lot of time and money!