Whether you are trying to obtain information for a new business idea or working on a business project – if you don’t allocate sufficient time and resources to locating the precise information you need, your chances of success are going to be sorely affected.

Stress free solutions

Research Services offer stress free solutions to source and obtain the relevant information you need, in the time frame and format you specify.

Why choose us?

Research information from two hours upwards.
Research in stages depending on your needs, which enables you to utilise the information obtained before proceeding to the next stage.
Credible independent research.
Your details are strictly confidential thereby ensuring your name will be completely anonymous when we perform the research.
Save you time and you continue working on your core business or personal life.
We provide relevant and affordable information that will enable you to make informed decisions.
Increase your chances of success.


Research Services was the only one that could help me obtain the information and doing the research first made it definitely worthwhile. I will definitely recommend Research Services to everyone in business as their services is exactly what you need to save you time and money.
Kris Appleby, Health Alternatives

Having very limited time to conduct product research I decided to engage Research Services to complete an important project that I had been procrastinating with for several months. As a consequence I am better informed and have been able to provide my clients with a far wider range of solutions to meet their needs and solve their problems.
Wayde Beckman, Wade Beckman Design CKDNZ


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you find the information I need?

A: After discussing with you your requirements we then perform a Scope of Works. This enables us to ascertain what resources are available and how accessible is the information you require. If we are confident we can obtain the information, we accept your request.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Due to the research variety and skills needed for each research project, we firstly discuss with you your research brief and then provide you with a price after scoping the brief.

Q: How long will the research take?

A: It depends on how accessible the information is and how deep you want the topic researched. For example, we can search just for the product or, search for the product plus obtain feedback from users, suppliers, manufacturers. Also you can indicate the maximum number of hours to search or, we can give you an estimate of how long it will take.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time you research?

A: Two hours

Q: Do you search in New Zealand and overseas?

A: Yes.