To know what your clients, members or staff really think to support your business development?

An awesome idea and no time to research relevant information to enable you to make an informed decision?

A list of names and contact details for marketing purposes?

Background information to support your business project?

To find a specific product or supplier?

We search from two hours upwards, using a variety of primary and secondary research methods. We can help you with the following services:

  • business surveys (obtaining feedback from customers, businesses or members)
  • product or supplier search
  • specific names and contact details
  • new business ideas
  • business development
  • business projects.

Research Services Ltd offers stress free solutions to source and obtain the relevant information you need in the time frame and format you specify.

The procedures we use to locate the information are:

  • secondary research, which is the process of finding reliable information that has already been published or made public knowledge.
  • personally contacting the relevant people (suppliers, manufacturers, customers, Government agencies/departments, associations, organisations) to obtain more information.
  • if required, onsite inspection, attending seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

If clients require extra background research such as a credit check, we will work with other appropriate agencies to perform this.

The information is gathered and collated in either a spreadsheet, letter or report format in the timeframe agreed. The depth of the research will be determined by you.

List of business sectors we have searched in:

  • property
  • fitness & health
  • council
  • new businesses
  • insurance broker
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • consultants – HR, design, coaches
  • trades – hairdressing, specialists cleaners, builders
  • telecommunications
  • not-for-profit
  • manufacturers & exporters
  • building – architects, designers
  • retail

Click here for more detailed information on these research projects.

Our strengths

  • Client decision making focus – beyond sourcing to tailoring, scoping, collating and reporting.
  • Connectedness – to data, information and people.
  • Investigative tenacity – if it exists and is relevant we’ll find it.
  • Affordable professionalism – specialist skills applied in a transparent, efficient, timely manner.

Benefits to you

The benefits to you outsourcing research to Research Services Ltd are:

  • you have more time to work on your core business, or other aspects of your business or personal life
  • you continue generating revenue whilst we find the information for you in the timeframe you specify
  • increasing your success rate of what you want to achieve
  • information that enhances business decisions.


Due to the research variety and skills needed for each research project, we firstly discuss with you your research brief and then provide you with a price after scoping the brief.

Time is money, so stay focused on your core business while we research the specific information you require to make informed decisions. Contact Karline de Boer to discuss your requirements on 04 565 0739 or email

NOTE: Research Services Ltd does not give recommendations. We believe it is important for the client to make the decision that best suits their own needs and specifications.